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ICISS: Pittsburghs home for Impala SS, Caprice, and Roadmaster owners!

Are you from the Pittsburgh area and own a 91-96 B-Body car (Impala SS, Caprice,  Roadmaster, or Custom Cruiser)?

Even if your not a fanatic, you will be once you talk to our members long enough!

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01/26/12 @ 7:45PM

Here we go again. I'm giving the website its semi-annual update. :) We're mixing it up this month with a new venue for the club meeting. Check out the forums section for details! Forums Here

05/08/11 @ 10:30AM

So the past few months we've been meeting at Giant Eagle Market Distric in Robinson and it seems to
be working out pretty good so far..

Our next meeting will be Saturday May 21st at 6:30PM. If you have not been there yet, just park on the
side and use the cafe entrance. Our room is upstairs to the right. Simply buy your food and pay at the cafe,
then meet us upstairs!

07/03/10 @ 9:30AM

Well isn't this kind of ironic. It's been a year since I've done anything with the site.
Last update was to add GM Nationals 09' photos, this time I'm adding one ones from this year!
Sorry to be so lazy with the site, if anyone has anything to contribute, please feel free to email me!

07/02/09 @ 10:30PM

Finally the forums are back! I had to go with a whole new system since the old one was totally hosed up.
Also added a gallery of photos from the GM Nationals in Carlisle last weekend!

05/25/09 @ 7:00PM

Wow. It's really been nearly 2 years since I've updated the page?
Stay tuned for updates...

07/15/07 @ 10:00AM

Sorry the site has been lacking in updates for awhile now.
I've added some pictures from out Friday the 13th meet at the Starlite car cruise,
Removed the "2007 Nationals" link.. :)

02/02/07 @ 3:50PM

If you signed up for membership in the past few months and did not get an email back
from me, please fill out the form again.

Something happened with my webhost that prevented me from getting the new signup emails.

08/27/06 @ 3:23PM

Our first gathering went pretty well, check out the pics in the photo album!

Some discussion was made on getting together in a few weeks for the big cruise up in Wexford.
Keep posted for details!

08/03/06 @ 9:28PM

Our August meeting will be held at Station Square on Saturday, August 26th!
Take a look HERE for details!
Hope to see you all there!

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